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Utilizing the power Of cold 

Cryobox - Reset for body and mind in three minutes at -110°C

The prevalent Cryobox has various positive benefits - just three minutes of extreme cold ensures a significant increase in physical and mental performance and regeneration. The effects of this experience make one more focused and efficient, extricating everyday stress to fade into the background. What remains is an awake, healthy and fresh sensation feeling.

Roughly 800 kcal are burned per application, making the ice sauna comparable to a 30-minute sparts session and an ideal alternative as a refreshing boost during your lunch break.

Established by numerous documented studies, the anti-inflammatory effect of this therapy has shown benefits in one's complexion and immune system, while also exhibiting great success in aiding joint problems and back pain.

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Obesity and lethargic (sluggish) metabolism
Chronic fatigue and tiredness
Concentration difficulties and forgetfulness
Joint and back pain, migraines
Sore muscles and prolonged regeneration phases

Cryoshaping - Firm skin through cryolipolysis

Cold can be utilized in many forms – currently, it is also being used to reduce cellulite and fat cells while also tightening the skin.

Almost every woman suffers from the effects of weak connective tissue, the causes of cellulite are prevalent and can vary. Unfortunately, an unhealthy diet may be inhibiting results, but you can still achieve your goal of firmer skin. We recommend treatment with Cryoshaper. In combination with a healthy and active lifestyle, you will see pronounced results after just a few treatments.

This non-invasive procedure is also known as Cryolipolysis. As a result of alternating warm and cold phases, the Cryoshaper permanently destroys fat cells which are then transported away through the body’s lymphatic system. At the same time, the skin is tightened, and the body is contoured. A positive side effect is the resulting collagen production, this boost furthermore strengthens the skin.

Various applicator sizes support the application to almost every part of the body. In addition to the classic zones, such as the abdomen, waist, and thighs - the upper arms, knees, and chin e.g. in the case of a double chin, may also be treated. The Cryoshaper is also suitable for treating damaged tissue, resulting from variations of scars or burns.