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Lymphatic Massage

Purify and detoxify

Firm skin and vital body

Firm skin and physical fitness – do you not only want to lose weight, but also actively shape your body, strengthen the tissue, and achieve a vigorous and vital body response?

Then the lymphatic massage is the right application für you.

At Advanced Health, you will receive a further developed form of lymph drainage, with our remarkable lymph-activating massage. This is specially adapted to your body and symptoms so that the desired results are achieved rapidly. The lymph-activating massage is a preventative or cosmetic measure that supports and stimulates the lymphatic system to give you a toned appearance. This massage has especially apparent results when targeting the thighs and arms.

The application utilizes a purifying and detoxing effect paired with the reduction of water, proteins, and deposits in the tissue - making quick results attainable and visible when treating the stomach and buttocks. When in pursuit of weight loss, our lymphatic massage aids in the acceleration of the removal of toxins released by the breakdown of fat cells. Advanced Health takes advantage of a special mechanical massage, which is skillfully carried out with unique cuffs. Individually adjustable, gentle, and gliding waves ensure a pleasant wellness experience with an abundance of positive effects.



Sagging skin e.g., post-weight loss effects
Water retention e.g., cycle-related
Chronic fatigue (fatigue/exhaustion)
Slow metabolism