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Increase in Performance, Resilience and Longevity

Lifestyle has changed dramatically over the course of evolution, while our physical and psychological characteristics and mechanisms have remained the same. This leads to modern ailments that affect large parts of society, for example: overweight - exhaustion - immunodeficiency - accelerated biological aging.

Not only for complaints or illnesses, but also preventively, we will find a therapy that makes and keeps you healthy in the long run.

A completely individually tailored therapy plan is developed that places a special focus on the perfect metabolism. Because only with an optimized metabolism can your body recover in record time, remove toxins, use up fat reserves and remove 'energy robbers' from the organism.

Birgit Kröhle

Specialist for psychotherapy and weight loss

Birgit has 39 years of experience in different medical fields, including oncology, geriatrics and psychology. She works part-time in her own clinic for weight loss, nutrition and plant-based medicine. In her belief physical and mental health always go hand in hand. Birgit developed different approaches to boost the metabolism and empty fat cells through injection therapy.


Luise Volkenand

Nina Wolligandt


Lifestyle medicine and prevention on a scientific basis

We take your health to the next level

Health is much more than the absence of disease. Thanks to medical innovations, there are now significantly fewer serious illnesses. At the same time, however, society is exposed to significantly more stress factors and negative influences. For this reason, the number of people affected by mental illnesses and psychosomatic complaints reaches a new high every year.

We are your partner at your side to explore the cause of your symptoms, restore your health and give you resilience and vitality.

The necessary therapy plan for this is therefore not only developed according to the latest medical knowledge, but also according to naturopathic and psychological aspects. All of our patients are professionally cared for through the various phases of their recovery and treated from a holistic perspective.

Our practice specializes in optimizing health, longevity and reverse aging. The therapy concept is based on the latest scientific findings and takes into account that physical and mental health always go hand in hand.

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