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Weight Loss

Your metabolism might be holding you back

Obesity is not only a cosmetic problem, but rather has significant health consequences, such as various chronic diseases. It is understandable that those affected have a strong desire to reduce their excess weight, but sustained weight loss is not easy.

Obesity is based on a simple problem: the energy that the body generates from the food consumed is not used.

There can be two reasons for this - on the one hand there can be an imbalance between energy requirements and energy reserves due to a lack of exercise, on the other hand it can happen that the body does not provide the energy, but stores it directly as fat reserves. Side effects of this can be e.g. chronic exhaustion and cravings.

Classic diets are rarely sustainable and successful. This is not due to lack of discipline or weakness of will, but to metabolic problems. Energy supply and energy consumption are highly complex biochemical processes that depend on a variety of external factors. Only a precise analysis of these processes enables meaningful and long-lasting weight reduction.

At Advanced Health, we offer various metabolic tests to give you information about which foods are metabolized particularly well or poorly. In addition, with our NAD+ Fat Burn infusions, we can ensure that your mitochondria work more efficiently so that the food you eat is converted into energy rather than fat reserves.